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Thanks for Visiting lawn care and deck repair!

At Lawn Care and Deck Repair we understand that whats on the outside matters. We'll help you refresh the look of your lawn or deck. We'll work with you to come up with a comprehensive routine maintenance plan mowing. With our 15 years experience, we guarantee you'll be satisfied with our lawn care or deck repair.

For more information, give us a call or contact us today! [704-449-5011]

Free Estimates February and March is a good time to prepare your lawn for spring

Locally owned and operated in Charlotte NC

Our services include:

  • Mowing cut your grass to a height around 2 to 3 inches when mowing. Having a healthy lawn provides benefits such as noise reduction, oxygen production and water absorption; and it provides a place to relax and a safe area for children to play. While creating a healthy lawn, mow the grass to the proper height and maintain it properly with routine maintenance such as watering and feeding it. Lawn Mowing is what we do.
  • Leaves picked up during the fall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aeration the best time to aerate your lawn is either the Spring or Fall. Aerating is the process of putting tiny holes in the soil of your lawn. This process allows water, air and fertilizer to penetrate the ground, encouraging better absorption of the things necessary for a beautiful lawn. Two of the main reasons to aerate your lawn are poor drainage and inadequate absorption of fertilizer to the grass roots. Excess water washes away fertilizer and important nutrients necessary for a healthy lawn. if your lawn stays too wet or soggy, you need to get that excess water out of there! on the other hand, if your ground is too hard or dry, it prevents fertilizer from getting to the roots and hinders absorption of the nutrients that supplement a beautiful yard. Aeration solves both of these problems. Another great time to aerate your lawn is just prior to applying seed, and or fertilizer. Aerating helps ensure proper absorption of these products assuring a more beautiful lawn. How do you tell if your lawn needs aerating? If your lawn is subject to heavy traffic including sports, parking and pet usage, chances are compacting has occurred. Compaction is the term used to describe the condition of a lawn in which the roots do not receive adequate oxygen for the roots to grow. Soil is porous and when those pores are clogged, it is compacted' and could use aerating. Another way to tell is if your lawn appears to be more dead than alive. If you water and fertilize your lawn on a regular basis and it still doesn't appear healthy and beautiful, aeration may be the answer. Aerating your lawn ensures a healthy root system, resulting in a more beautiful appearance!
  • Seeding fertilization crab grass control [feb through mar]
  • Fertilization apply weed control [april through june]
  • Apply a liquid or granular product to control lawn damaging insects [june through august]
  • September through November apply a winterized fertilizer to build a strong root and aerate, seed to prepare for spring
  • Deck repair or build
  • Gutters Cleaned
  • Power Washing

A landscape and deck for your home or office is just a call away!

we service charlotte nc and surrounding cities and counties also south carolina

Office: 704-449-5011


Licensed & Insured


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