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Did you Know
Preparing your lawn for the spring


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did you know

Researchers found that people live longer if they practice one or more healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Which were not smoking, eating healthy, exercising and limiting alcohol consumption.  The researchers, found that people who followed all four healthy behaviors were 66 percent less likely to die early from cancer.  65 percent less likely to die early from cardiovascular disease, and 57 percent less likely to die early from other causes compared to people who didn't engage in any healthy behaviors.

Did you Know

Did you know compost and clippings from your lawn can be used as organic fertilizer.

Did you know soil that has a low PH needs an application of  lime.

Did you know overusing fertilizer; can cause the formation of thatch on your lawn.

Did you know when temperatures drop below 68 degrees at night, it is best to water your lawn in the morning while the dew is still on the ground.


Preparing your lawn for the spring

Spring is near by preparing your lawn for spring means having a healthy lawn that has benefits a place to relax and children to play so hey give us a call.