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Many of you reading this letter are already regular customers and we thank you for your continued loyalty.  We will continue to earn your business  with quality service.  For those of you who are visiting for the first time... 
Our industry is growing rapidlly, making you a prime prospect for everything from mowing grass to deck repair service.  Our company is not the first [ and we won't be the last] to ask for your business. 
Let me say something up front.  You've heard all the grand promises; I won't try to top any of them.  You've been offered free service; I will not insult your intelligence with " freebies " that aren't really free.

                               INSTEAD, CONSIDER WHAT LAWN CARE AND DECK REPAIR 
                                                               WILL DO FOR YOU:
Save you valuable time by taking care of your lawn care needs and deck repairs, that's what we do.

Give you premium service without the premium price.

Simple.  Too simple?  I don't think so.  Running your home is hard enough;  let us simplify your out door life around your home or office by doing those outside lawn care projects or deck projects for you, great service and prices are just a phone call or mouse click away

Now that you know about  LAWN CARE AND DECK REPAIR  just click to contact us or just give us a call 704-449-5011.
We will do all we can to earn your business.


Thad Bonapart
Lawn Care And Deck Repair